Why Choose Flow Massage Wax?

We’re soft tissue therapists, so have gone through the usual array of waxes, oils, lotions and potions to find something that works for massage therapy. We only need to use a tiny amount, which is brilliant from a frugality aspect. Most importantly though, our clients love it. Almost everyone we’ve used it on has remarked - unprompted - how nice it smells and asked what it is. I suspect there is a market for a whole range of Flow scented products! I won’t use anything else now. It’s just awesome.

Vic Paterson

As a intensive resin installer my lower back is forever playing up so when I can I get the Mrs to use this on my back and it works wonders.

Wayne Hambley

A bit more about Flow Waxes

A little

means a lot

Each batch is carefully crafted to ensure it’s safe for use for up to two years, given how far a little bit goes, that’s a necessity.



We have the stamp of approval from ASEAN Cosmetics Association (ACA) and International Fragrance Association (IFRA) statements of compliance. There’s more on that below.

Handmade in

small batches

We don’t believe in mass production. By making small batches at a time, we can guarantee the quality of every single pot we sell.