Flow Massage Waxes – Made by Therapists for Therapists

In 2013 Geoff, as a director of a successful Physiotherapy practice, became frustrated with the massage products available, oils being messy, wasteful and some balms full of chemicals. I wanted something natural, clean, aromatic and providing firm control as he worked, without an inflated price tag.

Geoff decided to make his own wax, using all natural ingredients. Flow is designed to nourish the skin but also give the therapist firm control. Flow Wax absorbs slowly into the skin so a little goes a long way, meaning you get value for money too!

Since then Flow Wax has been used on 1000’s of patients, and as its popularity has grown, as has the range, to the point where Flow is trusted by therapists nationwide.

We don’t believe in mass production. By making small batches at a time, we can guarantee the quality of every single pot we sell. Because Flow Massage Wax is developed in line with our ethics at Flow Therapies, we’ll only put our name (and reputation) on the line for the very best.

The Flow Team

Geoff Flowers


In 2013 as a partner of a successful Physiotherapy practice Geoff Flowers (Co-Director of Flow Massage Wax) became frustrated with waxes available on the market so decided to create his own wax, customised to his needs as a busy sports therapist.

Geoff spent years perfecting his unique blend of essential oils and natural ingredients, to finally produce Flow Massage Wax.

It has a delicate citrusy aroma and a silky smooth consistency perfect to deliver a controlled sports massage, it was an instant hit.

Since then the business has grown and so has the product range, officially established as a company in 2018 Flow Massage Wax is striving to become a market leader in massage wax products.

Cathy Hugill


Cathy Hugill (Bsc Product Design) joined the Flow Team to develop the Flow brand whilst expanding the product range. Together with Geoff, Cathy continues to develop the Flow waxes, creating innovative and natural products.

Cathy has helped Flow expand into new markets, offering unique insight into consumer needs. She has also helped develop the Flow brand to reflect the natural, reliable and trustworthy company ethos.

Why Choose Flow Massage Wax?

We’re soft tissue therapists, so have gone through the usual array of waxes, oils, lotions and potions to find something that works for massage therapy. I foolishly assumed “Flow” would just be a rebranded Songbird wax only without the different scent options. What a mistake! We find Flow much preferable to Songbird!

Vic Paterson

As a intensive resin installer my lower back is forever playing up so when I can I get the Mrs to use this on my back and it works wonders.

Wayne Hambley

get your flow wax

Regulatory Information

Cosmetic Safety Report Number 70028840-1 completed by WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff. States that Flow Massage Wax products are compliant with regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic product (Official Journal L 342, 22/12/2009 P. 0059-0209) and the ASEAN Cosmetics Directive. Cosmetics Portal Notification Portal (CPNP) No 2447537. All essential oils have IFRA Statements of Compliance with the Seventh Amendment to the EU Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC). Good Manufacturing Procedures policy in place.